Accentuation rules

The stress rules determine where and when words will be accented, in addition to providing us with information about those words that, regardless of the basic stress rules, will be accented due to their own peculiarity and characteristics. Applying the rules of accentuation implies that we know how to divide the word into syllables, that we understand what is a stressed syllable and an unstressed syllable and, finally, that we know how to differentiate the most basic types of words (flat, acute and esdrújulas), in addition to understand when they will carry tilde each one of them. With this new resource we will learn, in a dynamic way, what are unstressed and tonic syllables, what are flat, acute and esdrújula words and how and when to stress them. The different activities that make up this adaptation of curricular material give us the possibility of saving the answers given by the users and thus evaluating them carefully or using the material as an adapted exam.
Objectives: - Differentiate unstressed and stressed syllables. - Recognize flat, acute and esdrújula words. - Know how to stress the different types of words.

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