Word Quiz

The “Word Quiz” is an adaptation of the “Spell” game. With this resource, useful to use as a game or as an evaluative and/or diagnostic activity, we will work on the formation of words. Word formation is an essential element in the processes of learning to read and write and to develop phonological awareness. Understanding that a word is divided into smaller units, which together form a whole with meaning and meaning, opens the way for the learning of later processes of great importance for the development and learning of children. In addition to giving us the possibility of using it as a support resource in language and reading learning evaluation processes. It is not only an activity to work with children, we can also use it in cognitive stimulation work with older people.
Objectives: Areas and objectives that we will work with this resource: • Attention, memory and concentration. • Phonological awareness. • Learning to read. • Processing speed. • Executive functions. • Cognitive stimulation.

Category: Language and comprehension
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Language: Español
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