Augmentative and Alternative Communication for everyone

Verbo is an application for Windows and Android to create communication boards and educational activities quickly and intuitively. Combine pictograms, text, sounds and voice to design your ideal communicator, or take advantage of the resources that other users have shared . There are hundreds of boards and activities that you can use freely.



Verbo is compatible with most access systems for computer and tablet: eye trackers for gaze control, switches for scan access, head mice, interactive whiteboards, touch screens... No matter your degree of mobility is, Verbo will adapt to provide you with a comfortable and functional communication.

Hundreds of boards at your disposal

Discover the communicators, activities, stories, keyboards and other resources that other users have shared in the Verbo Community . You can use them directly, or combine them to build your custom board. If you design something that you think might be useful to other people, go ahead and share it!

Over 100,000 pictograms

With the SymbolStix, ARASAAC and Bliss libraries, Verbo has over 100,000 pictograms for you to create your board or activity. Just type a word or sentence (in your language) and Verbo will suggest the symbols that best fit that concept.

Obviously, you can also use your own images and real photographs , and even link to videos from your device or the Internet.


Really easy to use

From building an advanced communicator or adapting an exam, to designing a simple cause and effect activity or an image-based board, creating content with Verbo or modifying what others have shared is really simple. It is not necessary to have advanced computer knowledge or experience with communication applications.

Manual and tutorials

Advanced communication

You can use text-based language representation, symbols, or a mixed approach. Take advantage of automatic conjugation in person, number and time and build sentences by navigating through categories. You can also save a message as a note to use it later, or have Verbo help you by predicting what to write.

Combine all of this with playing music, running external applications, sending SMS and much more to achieve a face-to-face or distance communication that suits you. Your communicator can be as simple as advanced as you need.

Assessable interactive activities

Create educational games to work on language, mathematics, memory, personal relationships or any other area. Adapt curricular material or exams. Design interactive stories that encourage to explore and discover. These activities are just as accessible and customizable as the communication boards.

You can make Verbo remember the user's answers and display the hits and errors, and even that save the results automatically to have a record of their progress. Creating assessable content was never easier.

Your style and structure

Verbo has predefined templates to create boards based on core vocabulary , alphabetic or syllabic keyboards, communicators structured in semantic categories or situations, and many more. You can also use the Fitzgerald color key, a high contrast combination for people with low visual acuity or calligraphic handwriting.

But you don't have to limit yourself to any particular structure, Verbo lets you choose the content, appearance and behavior that you prefer for your board.

In your language

Verbo is available in many languages, including English. Use a synthesized voice, search for pictograms and symbols or access text prediction dictionaries in the language of your choice.

The software includes the powerful Voxygen synthesized voice engine with a voice of your choice. It is also compatible with any voice engine that you have on your computer or tablet, including the new One Core voices included with Windows 10.

Affordable and always with you

The license of Verbo for Windows can be used to create new boards, modify them and use them with any access system. The Android license can be used to play the boards that you created on Windows or that other users shared with you. Both licenses are forever and at a very affordable price .

If you are a professional, you can create content from your Windows license and share it with multiple users who have a Windows or Android license.

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